Astronomers at Dark Sky Observatory

Deep Sky AstroPhotography - An Introduction

Capture the wonders of the universe, including Milky Way dark sky objects and beyond.

Age Suitability

Budding Astrophotographers from 16 to 100 would enjoy this event.

Equipment Needed

You'll be able to use our equipment but if you have it you can bring;

  • A DSLR camera and adapter.
  • A telescope.
  • A purpose-built astrocamera

If you are bringing your own DSLR, we have adapters available for popular models of camera to enable you to use your camera with our telescopes during the event.

Ticket Prices

Adult £27.50
Concession £24.50
Family £75.50


With expert tuition and advice from our regular amateur and professional team members, and with occasional visits from internationally renowned experts, Battlesteads Dark Sky Discovery Observatory has something for everyone.

Topics Covered

  • An Introduction to Messier Object Imaging.
  • Deep Sky Astro Camera advice & top tips.
  • Processing & tweaking your images - how to get the best from your image data.
  • Using your DSLR to capture nebulae, galaxies and clusters.

The course provides advice and guidance on the equipment you will need to attach your camera to your own telescope.

No previous knowledge is required, our experts will show you how to get the best from your own equipment, or give demonstrations of our observatory equipment.  If you bring your laptop, we'll help you download and install some simple free software to get the best from processing your images.

During the winter months the observatory warm room is kept cosy and with free hot drinks available all year round; this simply is the best and most comfortable way to be introduced to the dark starry skies of Northumberland and the universe beyond.

As of yet, we're unable to control the weather, so observing the skies can only go ahead if it's clear but you'll be pleased to know that all events go ahead in any weather conditions.

Dates & Times

This event type is running on the following dates & times:

Sorry, there are no events of this type currently planned.

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