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Rare Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

A Rare Great Conjunction is when the planets Jupiter and Saturn line up, and it happens roughly once every twenty years.

Date & Time

Date Monday 21st December, 2020
Time 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Age Suitability

Astronomers from 8 to 108 will enjoy this event.

Equipment Needed

Just bring yourself and a sense of adventure!

Ticket Prices

Adult £22.50
Concession £19.50
Family £55.50
A family ticket is valid for a group of 2 adults & 2 children.


Great conjunctions have attracted attention as celestial omens for example, it’s thought that the so-called "Star of Bethlehem" was the great conjunction of 7 B.C.

A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will take place on December 21. This rare conjunction of these two planets is known as a great conjunction. The next great conjunction will not happen until November 2040!

The two bright planets will appear only 7 arc minutes of each other in the night sky. They will be so close that they will appear to make a bright double planet.

Weather permitting we'll be observing this phenomenon from the start of the event and if possible, live streaming it in the Warm Room.  In the event of inclement weather the event will be "Astronomy for Absolute Beginners! - Astronomy for Absolute Beginners is specifically aimed at helping newcomers to stargazing find their way around the cosmos.  Our expert team will explain how to prepare for a night of astronomy, covering things like clothing, equipment & technology.  At the conclusion of the evening, you'll be able to guide yourself around some of the more easily recognisable features of the night sky; Easily recognisable constellations, features of the moon, how to spot the planets, and other things such as aurorae, star clusters and the Andromeda Galaxy - easily seen from the Battlesteads Observatory with the naked eye.


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