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Jupiter Night

Jupiter Night

Kielder Observatory

Mon 31st Mar 2014

8:00pm to 11:00pm

Visit Kielder Observatory and get close up with the majestic planet Jupiter!

The largest planet in our Solar system is well placed in the night skies and observing this other world will be an amazing experience.  We'll introduce you to the powerful telescopes we have at Kielder Observatory, some of the largest aperture instruments available for public use under the darkest skies in England, and give instruction on how to use them so that you can maximise your seeing.  

Starting the evening with a talk about this planet and its moons you'll learn some amazing facts, did you know that if it wasn't for Jupiter's gravitational influence sweeping up early solar system debris life may well not have got a foothold here on Earth!?

Then using our telescopes you will see cloud bands crossing the face of the planet in amazing detail, especially if the seeing conditions are just right.  The 4 largest gallilean moons occasionally pass across the face of the planet with their shadows appearing as little black disks on the cloud tops, and if the time is right the 'Great Red Spot' can be visible, a huge storm of ferocious winds which would encompass planet Earth 4 times over!

You'll also be given a guided tour of the night sky and have questions answered by our team of experienced volunteers.  We'll also be turning the telescopes to more distant objects, nebulae several thousand light years away and galaxies many millions of light years distant.

The log fire will be burning and there'll be hot drinks and snacks available to keep you going, do wrap up warm though!

Use of the telescopes for viewing is only possible when we have clear skies.
Events go ahead in all weather conditions except where roads are impassible due to snow.
We do not issue tickets, full details are provided when you book your seats.

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