Bird Spotting in Battlesteads Garden

Wildlife Log

Sightings of wild life observed by guests & patrons.

Date Animal Location Time of Day Notes
Tue 27th Mar 2 Grey Wagtails Battlesteads Garden
Tue 27th Mar 3 Rose Deer High Moralee
Tue 27th Mar 4 Greater Spotted Woodpecker High Moralee
Tue 27th Mar 4 March Hares High Moralee
Tue 27th Mar 6 Lesser Redpolls High Moralee
Tue 27th Mar Buzzard High Moralee
Tue 27th Mar Stock Dove High Moralee
Mon 26th Mar 3 Tawny Owls Simonburn At Night
Wed 21st Mar 1 Chaffinch Battlesteads Garden During Breakfast
Wed 21st Mar 1 Goldfinch Battlesteads Garden During Breakfast
Wed 21st Mar 1 Siskin Battlesteads Garden During Breakfast
Wed 21st Mar 2 Starlings Battlesteads Garden During Breakfast
Wed 21st Mar Multiple Sparrows Battlesteads Garden During Breakfast
Tue 20th Mar 1 Goldeneye Wark Bridge
Tue 20th Mar 1 Leucistic Oystercatcher Wark Bridge
Tue 20th Mar 3 Goosanders Wark Bridge
Sun 12th Feb Blue Tit
Sun 12th Feb Chaffinch
Sun 12th Feb Green Finch
Sun 12th Feb Green Tit
Sun 12th Feb Jackdaw
Sun 12th Feb Siskins
Sun 12th Feb Sparrow Hawk
Sun 12th Feb Tree Sparrows
Sun 16th Jan 8+ tree sparrows On The Feeder
Sun 16th Jan 1 female sparrow hawk
Sun 16th Jan 1 male sparrow hawk Catching A Chaffinch
Sun 16th Jan 1 nuthatch
Sun 16th Jan 2 Redpolls
Sun 16th Jan 20+ siskins
Sun 16th Jan Stock dove On The Feeder
Sat 24th Jul Gaint Emerald Moth Reception Area
Fri 23rd Jul Nuthatch Garden In The Tree And On The Feeders
Fri 23rd Jul Flycatcher Cottage Garden
Sun 18th Jul Yellow Wagtail By The Polytunnels
Sat 10th Jul Small Skipper Butterfly In The Garden Amongst The Calendulas And Nastirtiums
Sat 10th Jul Lulworth Skipper Butterfly In The Garden Amongst The Calendulas And Nastirtiums
Thu 1st Jul Redstart Along The Riverbank In Wark Singing
Sun 20th Jun Great Spotted Woodpecker On the bird feeders Breakfast
Mon 14th Jun Robin Battlesteads Walled Garden
Sat 12th Jun Cuckoo Vegetable garden Heard, but not seen
Sat 12th Jun Swallows Above the fields next to the vegetable garden Feeding on insects
Thu 10th Jun Common whitethroat Top of the garden Singing
Sun 23rd May Deer Sawmill Crossing the road
Thu 13th May Hedgehog Battlesteads
Wed 12th May Stoat River in Wark Village Playing the river
Tue 11th May Lapwings Vindolanda Roman Museum
Mon 10th May Dipper Barrasford
Mon 10th May Hare Barrasford
Sun 9th May 3 Buzzards Over Battlesteads
Mon 26th Apr Greater Spotted Woodpecker Kielder Water
Mon 26th Apr 2 Grey Squirrels Battlesteads Reported to SOS
Mon 26th Apr 4 Red Squirrels Battlesteads Reported to SOS
Sun 25th Apr 2 Red squirrels Wark village
Thu 22nd Apr Swallows Battlesteads Back for 2010 at their Battlesteads residence
Wed 21st Apr Sparrowhawk Battlesteads Garden
Tue 20th Apr Family of Gooseanders On the way to Kielder
Tue 20th Apr Sandmartins Walled Garden
Tue 20th Apr Swallows Walled Garden
Sat 17th Apr Heron Flying over Vegetable Garden
Thu 15th Apr Mountain Hare Edge of Kielder Forest
Thu 15th Apr Woodpecker Battlesteads Walled Garden Breakfast
Mon 12th Apr Red Kite Over woods, North of Wark village
Fri 9th Apr Bats Around Battlesteads and Forge Cottage
Thu 8th Apr 2 Ravens Battlesteads Garden Breakfast
Wed 7th Apr Bumble Bees Battlesteads Garden and Polytunnels
Wed 31st Mar Osprey The fringe in Kielder
Sun 28th Mar Oystercatcher By the river in Wark Village
Wed 24th Mar 2 Dippers Allenbanks
Mon 22nd Mar Badger Wark Running alongside the road
Sun 21st Mar Roe Deer Wallington Hall
Sun 21st Mar Stoat Near the river in Wark Crossing the road
Fri 19th Mar Kestrel Near Battlesteads polytunnels
Fri 19th Mar Lapwings Near Battlesteads polytunnels
Wed 10th Mar Bullfinch Stream opposite Battlesteads
Wed 10th Mar Buzzard Up near the polytunnels
Wed 10th Mar Red Squirrel Wark village
Wed 10th Mar Starlings Biomass boiler house eves Nesting
Wed 10th Mar White Fox Across the road from Battlesteads Sighted twice
Wed 10th Mar Whopper Swan North of Hadrian's Wall
Mon 28th Dec 8 Bullfinches Calvert Trust
Mon 28th Dec 2 Goosanders River bank in Wark While on a walk
Mon 28th Dec Buzzard
Sun 29th Nov Redwings Hesleyside
Sun 29th Nov Grey Heron Hesleyside
Sun 29th Nov Kestrel Hesleyside
Sun 29th Nov Tawny Owl Hesleyside
Sun 22nd Nov Goosander Upstream of the bridge in Wark Perched in a tree
Thu 19th Nov Female fox Sawmill in Wark
Tue 17th Nov Stoat Outside the Battlesteads
Mon 9th Nov Falcon Kielder Woods
Sat 7th Nov Deer Simonburn Woods
Fri 6th Nov Large Roe Deer Gunnerton
Thu 5th Nov Buzzard Kielder Water
Wed 4th Nov Osprey Kielder dam
Tue 27th Oct 2 Roe Deer Kielder Water
Tue 27th Oct Grey Squirrel Wark Village
Tue 27th Oct Red squirrel Kielder Water
Mon 26th Oct Red squirrel Warkswood
Sat 24th Oct Heron River Tyne, Bellingham
Sat 24th Oct Red squirrel Hareshaw Woods
Tue 20th Oct Dipper Allen Banks
Tue 20th Oct Heron Allen Banks
Tue 13th Oct Kestrel Battlesteads garden
Wed 7th Oct Red Squirrel Kielder Forest
Fri 25th Sep Heron River in Wark
Fri 25th Sep Owl River in Wark
Wed 23rd Sep Red Squirrel Near Once Brewed
Tue 22nd Sep 1 Heron Kielder
Tue 22nd Sep 4 Herons Kielder
Sun 20th Sep Buzzard Near Battlesteads
Sun 20th Sep Golden Ring Dragonfly Near Battlesteads
Sun 20th Sep Kingfisher Houghton Castle
Sun 20th Sep Swallows Near Battlesteads
Sat 19th Sep Heron By the lake in Kielder
Wed 16th Sep Bats Flying around the conservatory/terrace area Early evening
Mon 14th Sep 2 Hedgehogs Battlesteads Garden
Mon 14th Sep Painted Lady Butterfly Battlesteads Garden
Mon 14th Sep Stoat Battlesteads Garden
Thu 10th Sep Peacock Butterfly Battlesteads Garden
Thu 10th Sep Red Admiral Butterfly Battlesteads Garden
Thu 10th Sep Small Tortoise Shell Butterfly Battlesteads Garden
Thu 10th Sep Swallows Battlesteads Checking Out - Repeat booking for 18th April
Mon 7th Sep 2 Buzzards Kielder
Mon 7th Sep Jay Kielder
Mon 7th Sep Kestrel Kielder
Fri 4th Sep Red Squirrel Lane to Maften Brewery
Tue 1st Sep Red squirrel Outside the hotel Crossing the road
Sat 22nd Aug Heron By river in Wark
Sat 22nd Aug Painted Lady Butterfly By our Polytunnels
Sat 22nd Aug Peacock Butterfly By our Polytunnels
Thu 20th Aug Kite Between Wark and Wall
Tue 18th Aug 2 Stoats Playing "dare" in front of me @ 60mph
Tue 18th Aug Family of Rabbits Nearby field
Tue 18th Aug Heron Nearby field Flying
Tue 18th Aug Large Adult Heron Wark Bridge
Tue 18th Aug Pheasants Nearby field Flying
Tue 18th Aug Small Deer Nearby field
Mon 10th Aug Rabbit Enjoying the rain
Fri 7th Aug Rabbit Family (6) Having fun
Thu 6th Aug Fox North of Wark With dead rabbit
Thu 6th Aug water vole Kielder Water
Wed 5th Aug Hare Fields near the river
Wed 5th Aug Red Squirrel Side of the kitchen
Sat 25th Jul Hare Field next to Old School House
Tue 21st Jul Bat Wood raised bed next to the herb garden Asleep
Mon 20th Jul Kingfisher Bridge in Wark Village
Sat 18th Jul Great Spotted Woodpecker Hotel Grounds
Sat 18th Jul Sparrow Hawk Forge Cottage Attacking baby Woodpecker
Thu 16th Jul Great Spotted Woodpecker Walled Garden Breakfast
Thu 16th Jul Red Squirrel Hynhurst Woods
Tue 14th Jul Black-Tailed Godwit Lindisfarne
Tue 14th Jul Grouse On hill above Woodley Shield
Tue 14th Jul Heron Lindisfarne
Tue 14th Jul Oyster Catcher Lindisfarne
Tue 14th Jul Redshank Lindisfarne
Sun 12th Jul Red Admiral Herb Garden
Tue 7th Jul Red Squirrel Chipchase Castle
Mon 6th Jul Buzzard Road approaching Battlesteads
Sat 4th Jul 2 Lulworth Kipper Butterflies Battlesteads Garden
Thu 2nd Jul Stoat Road approaching the Bonsai Farm
Fri 26th Jun Sparrow hawk Battlesteads Garden Breakfast
Mon 22nd Jun Red Squirrel Battlesteads car park
Thu 18th Jun Siskin Birdfeeder in the garden
Wed 17th Jun Jackdaws Battlesteads Garden Breakfast
Wed 17th Jun Kestrel Battlesteads Garden Breakfast
Sat 13th Jun Yellow Wagtail Wark Village
Fri 12th Jun Goldfinch Battlesteads Walled Garden
Fri 12th Jun Great Spotted Woodpecker Battlesteads Walled Garden
Sat 6th Jun Deer South Tyne river bank
Sat 6th Jun Grebe & 11 Chicks South Tyne river bank
Fri 5th Jun Deer Kielder Area
Fri 5th Jun Grebes Kielder Area
Fri 5th Jun Heron Kielder Area
Fri 5th Jun Red Squirrels Kielder Area
Tue 2nd Jun Kingfisher Bridge in Wark Village
Sun 10th May Field Mouse Battlesteads Garden
Thu 7th May Sparrowhawk Battlesteads Garden
Sat 2nd May 20 Sandmartins (approx) Sandy cliff along the riverbank
Sat 2nd May Fox Approx 400 yards from Battlesteads
Fri 1st May Gooseander Bridge over the Tyne in the village
Fri 1st May Siskins Birdfeeder in the Battlesteads garden
Sun 26th Apr 2 Herons Chesters Fort
Thu 23rd Apr Deer Woods at Haleshaw linn
Sat 18th Apr Swallows Battlesteads Arriving
Fri 17th Apr Bats Over Forge Cottage
Fri 17th Apr Swallows Mote Hill 1st of Season
Tue 14th Apr 2 Deer On road to Wark
Tue 14th Apr Deer Simonburn On road
Fri 3rd Apr Goose & Gander Flying down river
Fri 3rd Apr Red Squirrel Parkend
Wed 25th Mar Owl Parkend 6pm Sat on fence post observing the traffic
Tue 24th Mar Fox Haydon Bridge turning
Tue 10th Feb 6 golden eye birds Around Battlesteads
Tue 10th Feb Female otter & cubs Sawmill river bank
Mon 26th Jan Ska deer Ramshaws Mill
Thu 22nd Jan Fox (dog) Cross roads between Battlesteads and surgery
Wed 21st Jan Tawny Owl Donkleywood turning
Wed 14th Jan Fox Between lead gate and linnacres
Mon 29th Dec Fox Outside of Wark
Mon 10th Nov Fox Outside Forge Cottage
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