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About the Dark Sky Observatory

The Battlesteads Dark Sky Observatory is an accessible, public astronomical observatory offering stargazing and astrophotography events and activities to suit everyone from the beginner to the professional. The observatory is staffed by a team of professional astronomers and science communicators fromAstroVentures.

Located in Wark in a dedicated Dark Sky Discovery site, the observatory offers the perfect compromise between the pristine dark skies of Northumberland and the facilities offered by a multi award winning hotel and restaurant:

  • A 14” Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope on a Skywatcher EQ8 GoTo mount.
  • Additional Dobsonian telescopes, and binoculars for each guest.
  • Interactive astronomy and stargazing activities including astronomy for beginners, aurora hunting, dark sky discover and astrophotography.
  • An extensive museum-quality meteorite collection for guests to handle and investigate.
  • Free hot drinks and water available in the observatory warm room.
  • Full mains electricity and Wi-Fi internet for all your astro equipment and devices.
  • Superb meals and snacks available in the hotel bar and restaurant, specialising in sustainable, locally sourced food.
  • Luxury astro accommodation just metres away.
  • We are open whatever the weather and the hotel toilets and bar are available for observatory guests to use.
Dark Sky Discovery Site

Battlestars Dark Sky Observatory is a Milky Way Class Dark Sky Discovery Site located on the edge of the Northumberland Dark Sky Park.

Dark Sky Stay and Gaze

Battlestars Dark Sky Observatory has been awarded Dark Sky Stay and Gaze status by Northumberland Tourism.

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"Quality hotel, quality service, quality food, quality ethics"

"This is a place where the guests still matter"

"Fabulous service and food in this wonderful family hotel"

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